Welcome to Geiterygghytta

Geiterygghytta i located in the mountains at 1224 above sea level, in the middle of Skarvheimen, west and northeast of Hallingskarvet. The hut was opened in 1914 and has become a vital hub in an extensive route network, connecting routes from Hol, Aurland, Finse and Hallingskeid.


The lodge has 88 bunks, two- and four-bunk rooms in the main hut, and 44 bunks in a dormitory annex. Both the main hut and the annex has toilets, showers and drying room.

At the hut you wil be served a delicious three course supper, breakfast and you can make your own lunch bag.


In winter, the lodge is open from the first week of March to the first week of May. The summer season starts at midsummer and last till the last weekend of September.


The lodge is easily accessible by train to Ål on the Bergen line, and from there by bus to the eastern side of the Geiterygg tunnel. The bus schedules are coordinated to match the eastbound and westbound train schedules, so there's little waiting at Ål. By car, you can drive on National Road 50 to one of the carparks at each ends of the Geiterygg tunnel. In summer, both carparks are open, but in winter, only the carpark at the west end is open. From the carparks, which also is were the bus stops, it's just a 3 km hike to the lodge.

At Easter, there's a daily bus from Ål to the western end of the Geiterygg tunnel. From the bus there's a 5 km staked route to the lodge. Over snow transport of people or baggage may be booked with the lodge warden. (Bus with Brakar)

Hosts: Marit and John Wøllo

Address: 3577 Hovet

Phone: +47 906 01 453